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Pitts S2A Aerobatic Aircraft Image
Just rolled in from the States - Pitts S2A
Aerobatics Vouchers

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Coming soon - Trial lessons from Ireland

What's New - Coming Soon ?


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LIGHT AIRCRAFT TRIAL LESSONS - NORWICH, NORFOLK. A choice of flight times from 30 to 60 minutes in either 2 or 4 seater aircraft are now available from this departure location.

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PPL TRAINING PACKAGES - SHOREHAM - WEST SUSSEX. A range of Private Pilot Licence course vouchers designed for those who have taken a trial lesson and wish to take the next step forward on their flight training.

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AEROBATICS TRIAL LESSON IN PITTS S2A: Recently registered in the UK the Pitts S2A (photo left) is now available for aerobatics trial lessons and advanced training from Shoreham Airport.

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NEW FLYING LOCATIONS. Additional light aircraft trial lessons from Ireland, Isles of Scilly and the Channel Islands are planned for the near future.


GLIDER TRIAL LESSONS flying from Oxford.

MORE CHOICE: We're currently adding an average of three new flying experiences per month to our range of trial lesson and pleasure flight gift vouchers. Priority is being given to additional Glider and Helicopter flight options that will cover a broader area of UK locations. We're also working towards including more vintage and historic aircraft on our list of gift voucher options.