article 3a. revision date 19.03.07

What to Wear for your Flying Experience

It's important that your flying day out is not spoilt because you feel uncomfortable, too hot or too cold in the various environments that you will be exposed to.

No matter which type of flying experience you take you'll be, at some time, exposed to open airfield environments that can be surprisingly chilly even on a bright summers day. This is particularly true for Glider and Hot Air Balloon events where you will be out in the open for some time joining in with the flight preparations.

For open cockpit flying such as Tiger Moth and some Microlight flights you will also be exposed to the elements for some time, however, some flying organisations will provide suitable clothing such as insulated suits or flying helmets. You should check this when you book your flying experience.

Our best advice is that you wear warm but comfortable, non restrictive light weight clothing and take along an extra layer or two stowed in the boot of your car so that you are prepared for any eventuality. You can always take off a layer if you get too warm.

The following tips should ensure that you enjoy your flying experience in comfort.

  • Wear non restrictive cloths that are warm enough for the climate on the day of your flight. (t-shirts, pullovers, fleece or leather jackets, jeans are good flying gear).

  • Take along a few extra layers of clothing in the boot of your car as a precaution (including something waterproof, a pair of thin leather gloves and a hat such as a baseball cap).

  • Wear light weight flexible shoes such as trainers (remember that you will need to be able to control and feel the feedback from the foot pedals on trial lessons). [ This does not apply to balloon flights - see below ].

  • Ladies will be more comfortable wearing trousers / jeans.

  • Take a pair of sun glasses with you (preferably anti-haze). An essential standby for any flying activity whatever the time of year or weather conditions.

Hot Air Balloon Flights (follow the tips above plus)

  • Wear boots or wellingtons as the launch site may be muddy and or contain cow patts etc.

  • Ladies should wear trousers or jeans (lets keep it modest when climbing in and out of the basket :-)

  • Take a tight fitting hat or baseball cap as the heat from the burner can be intense for nearby passengers.


A good choice of attire for flying on a spring day (warm but comfortable). Graham, an Air Traffic Controller and Flying Instructor assures us that he won't be giving up his day jobs for the Cat Walk.