article 1j. revision date 09.02.07

Flying Experience Voucher Restrictions

Please note that the following are general guidelines and that restrictions vary slightly from one flight organisation and one aircraft model to another. Please contact us on 01288 275009 before making a purchase if you have any doubt regarding the suitability of a particular voucher as we cannot be held responsible for any flight confirmations that are cancelled due to safety restrictions imposed by the flight organisation.

  • Light Aircraft
    • Age: In theory there are no age restrictions, however, the person flying must be able to safely reach the aircraft controls and see clearly out of the cockpit i.e. about 13 years old minimum (see height restrictions below). Parental consent for those under 18 years of age may also be required.
    • Height: Min 4' 10", Max 6' 2" dependent on aircraft type. (call us if near max height)
    • Weight: Max for 2 Seater = 11 - 15 Stone (70 - 95 kg). Dependant on aircraft type.
      Max for 4 Seater = 17 Stone (108 kg). (call us if near max weight)
      N.B. Tiger Moth = 13.5 Stone (86kg). (call us if near max weight).
    • Health: Anyone in reasonably good health can take a light aircraft trial lesson flying experience. However, please note that if you are considering learning to fly that you will need to pass a CAA medical before you can take your first solo flight.
    • Disabilities: Please call us before making any purchase to discuss this matter as many flying organisations have the relevant facilities and experience to make sure that those with disabilities can take a flying experience in safety.
  • Helicopters
    • Similar to Light Aircraft - maximum weight is 15 stone (95kg) for 2 seater - 17 stone (108kg) for 4 seater.
  • Gliders and Microlights
    • As for Light Aircraft except maximum weight is 14 stone (89kg).
  • Hot Air Balloons
    • Age: Minimum 9 years. Under 16 year olds need to be accompanied by an appointed adult.
    • Height: Minimum 4'4".
    • Weight: Maximum 18 stone (114kg).
    • Health: Reasonably good general health and able to climb into and out of the basket (about 3' 6" high).
  • Aerobatics Flights
    • Age: Minimum 16 years.
    • Height: Minimum 4' 10". Maximum 6'.
    • Weight: Maximum 16.5 stone (105kg).
    • Health: These flights are not suitable for those who are pregnant or suffer from medical conditions such as epilepsy, fits, blood pressure abnormalities or heart problems. Participants should be reasonably fit. Please call or email for further advice if in doubt.