article 1h. revision date 12.05.07

Tips for Flying Voucher Recipients

We hope that recipients of our 'Flight Pass' and 'Flight Specific' gift vouchers will find the following tips useful.

  • Please ensure that you book your flying experience or redeem your FLIGHT PASS before the expiry date printed on your voucher.

  • Try to give at least 2 weeks notice when booking your preferred flight date. Doing so will increase the likelihood of securing the date and time that is most convenient to you.

    Please remember that flying clubs can be very busy at certain times of year and at weekends. Therefore, the more notice you can give the better your chance of booking a flight for the special day in mind.

  • Please remember that general aviation activities are highly governed by weather conditions. In addition the aircraft in which you will be flying is subject to constant technical and safety checks. Therefore, please be aware that your flight could be postponed on the day due to unsuitable flying conditions or a technical grounding of the aircraft. Most flying clubs will advise you on the day if your flight needs to be cancelled, however, we recommend that you check with the club shortly before you set off to the airfield.

    If you are unfortunate enough to have a postponement your voucher entitlement is not affected and you will be able to arrange another convenient date directly with the flying club.

  • Do not under any circumstances consume alcohol or take drugs with debilitating side effects before your flight. The flying organisation has the right to disallow any person from flying if it considers that person's health or state of mind represents a danger to themselves, the aircraft and other people.

    We highly recommend that you leave your celebrations until after your flight. Most flying clubs have a either a bar on site or a good pub near by.

  • Please resist over indulging the night before and get a good night's sleep. You will enjoy your flight much more if you are alert and on the ball. (Sorry to sound like old nannies but we can't over emphasize this and the tip above enough.)

  • Make sure that you wear warm but comfortable ( non restrictive ) clothing for your flight. More Info.

  • Take a pair of sunglasses with you (preferably the anti-haze type). An essential stand-by item for any flying experience irrespective of weather conditions on the ground or the time of year.

  • Take some sunblock cream with you.

  • Make sure that you and any friends / family that accompany you on your flying day out have a camera on hand to record the event.