Helicopter Trial Lessons and Pleasure Flights

In terms of piloting skills helicopters are perhaps the most demanding of all flying machines. The opportunity to try the controls of a helicopter for the first time is therefore one of the most challenging of all aviation experiences.

In addition to these exhilarating hands-on trial lessons our range of helicopter vouchers also includes pleasure flight options where the recipient can sit back and enjoy the local area scenery, take photos or make an aerial video of their flight.

Most of the flights included in this category are carried out in Robinson R22 ( 2 seater ) or R44 ( 4 seater ) aircraft which provide excellent visibility for trainee pilots and passengers alike and are amongst the safest and most popular of all modern helicopters.

The majority of these vouchers are for trial lesson flights which are classified as formal helicopter flight training and can be logged as such should the student wish to continue to study towards a Private Pilots Licence.

All vouchers are valid for 6 months.
Prices are inclusive of postage and VAT.