article 1a. revision date 20.02.07

Flying Experience Flight Times


Light Aircraft - Helicopter - Microlight Trial Lessons

The majority of our flying vouchers specify a flight duration, typically thirty or sixty minutes for light aircraft, microlight and helicopter trial lessons.

The times specified are approximate and refer to the amount of time that the voucher recipient will spend with the aircraft under the supervision of their instructor; the majority of which will be spent airborn.

In addition to the flying lesson time quoted, recipients should allow about half an hour for their pre-flight briefing. Briefings are carried out by the flying instructor and typically include a description of the flight activities, safety precautions and technical aspects of the aircraft's controls and how it works. The recipient should also allow time for a post flight de-brief and signing out procedures. Therefore, allow approximately one hour on top of the lesson time specified on the voucher.

N.B. Recipients of 'Land Away' vouchers will need to allow another one to one and a half hours (approx) on top of the two specified flight times for briefings and turn around at the away airfield.

Glider Trail Lessons

The duration of a glider trial lesson is dependent on the prevailing weather conditions and is therefore very difficult to predict. We have, however, quoted approximate flight times based on the launch type and more importantly the cable release height of the glider. Please note that the recipient may have a much shorter or longer flight on the day.

Gliding is very much a participation sport and the person taking the lesson will be encouraged to help with certain ground activities for other participants if they are able and wish to do so. It's quite possible to spend the best part of the day at a gliding club enjoying the activities as well as the flight itself. The order in which trial lessons are carried out is often on a first to turn up first to fly basis so time should be allowed for this.

Our recommendation is to allow a day out to fully enjoy your gliding experience.

Hot Air Balloon Flights

Early morning and mid to late evening are the usual launch times for Hot Air Balloons. The duration of the flight will depend on the weather conditions such as wind velocity but an hour for the flight itself is a typical target.

Hot Air Balloon flight participants should allow a whole morning or evening as they will be welcome to help with and enjoy the balloon inflation process prior to the launch. This will also allow time for transport back to the launch site and the post flight celebration drink.