Above prices + £4 for 'FLIGHT PASS' gift pack. Inclusive of VAT
and delivery by next day first class post.

What type of flying experiences can a recipient get
for each of the above voucher values ?


Our FLIGHT PASS 'wishing you a flight to remember'
gift pack contains everything the voucher recipient needs
to select and book their preferred flying experience.

An optional printed flight catalogue for non computer user recipients is available during the ordering process.



Open Choice Flying Gift Vouchers

  • 'FLIGHT PASS' vouchers entitle recipients to choose from over 500 aviation experiences described throughout this website and our hardcopy / multi-media catalogues (copy included in voucher price).

    Recipients have an open choice of light aircraft, helicopter, glider, microlight, aerobatics and hot air balloon flights from more than 100 locations throughout the UK.
  • The recipient can redeem a 'FLIGHT PASS' for their chosen flight/s by telephone, post or online.
  • If the value of the 'FLIGHT PASS' exceeds the value of the recipient's selected flying experience by £5 or more we will refund them the full excess amount. Alternatively they can choose to use the excess amount against future flying experiences.
  • If the value of the selected flying experience exceeds the value of the 'FLIGHT PASS' the recipient can easily pay the excess amount either online or by post.
  • 'FLIGHT PASS' vouchers are subject to a £4 premium to cover additional gift package deliverables and extended validation period; e.g. a 'FLIGHT PASS' with a redeemable value of £100 costs £104.
  • 'FLIGHT PASS' vouchers can be redeemed within 9 months of purchase and include an additional 6 months validation period for the selected flight to be taken i.e. a maximum validity of 15 months.
  • A 'FLIGHT PASS' can be used for multiple flying activities, for example, a £150 pass could be redeemed for one ' Light Aircraft Trial Lesson ' at £69 and one ' Glider Flight ' at £59 (not necessarily redeemed at the same time). In this case we would refund £22.

Gift Pack Details


Our 'FLIGHT PASS' gift package is presented in a DVD style case that contains the 'Flight Pass' voucher (laminated for protection) together with an interactive information CD. An optional message to the recipient can also be included.

The computer CD, suitable for machines running Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, XP or Vista operating systems, contains the following :-

  • Full 'FLIGHT PASS' information.
  • Interactive catalogue of 500+ flights to choose from.
  • Printable catalogue of available flights.
  • Useful 'Flying Experience' information and FAQ.
  • Online voucher redemption facility.
  • Printable redemption form (redeem by post option).
  • Video clip.
For non computer or non Windows PC recipients you can choose to receive a printed and bound information pack / flight catalogue as an alternative to the computer CD.


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