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Frequently Asked Questions

Are their any age restrictions ?

Their are no set age restrictions for Light Aircraft, Helicopter, Microlight or Glider Flights, however recipients must meet certain height criteria. Please see our 'Flying Restrictions' section for full details. Aerobatic and Hot Air Balloon minimum ages are 16 and 9 years old respectively.

Parental consent for under 18 year olds is generally required.

Are their any health restrictions ?
Please see our 'Flying Restrictions' section for full information.
Can I exchange a voucher for
another flight ?

Vouchers for specific flying experiences cannot be exchanged for an alternative flight, however, our ' Flight Pass ' vouchers can be redeemed against any flight on our website.

Can I get a refund or transfer the voucher if the recipient is unable
to take the flight ?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide refunds once a voucher has been issued. However, refunds can be issued against ' Flight Pass ' redemption balances.

Vouchers are not transferable, however, in certain circumstances such as prolonged ill health please contact us and we will do our utmost to arrange a transfer of the flight to another person.

Are trial lessons real flying training ?
Yes. The majority of trial lessons on this site represent the official first lesson set down by the Civil Aviation Authority. For example the time from brakes-off to brakes-on during a light aircraft lesson can be logged as training towards a 'Private Pilots Licence'.
Are flying experiences safe ?

Flying is generally accepted as one of the safest forms of transport. You will be briefed on safety and emergency issues prior to your flight.

How long will the flight last ?

Most of our vouchers specify the time that a lesson lasts. This amount of time is approximately how long you will be under instruction with your instructor and allocated aircraft. Please note that this does not include the time required for pre-flight briefings and therefore recommend that you arrive at least half an hour before your lesson is due to commence. You will be advised of the best time to arrive when you book your flight.

Please note that hot air balloon and glider flight times are estimates as these flights are by their nature extremely dependent on the prevailing weather conditions.

Can I fly over my house ?

It is possible to view your home from the air during some trial lessons. However, this is dependent on the local area from which you fly, distance from the airfield, the time airborne, weather etc. The decision of your instructor would be final and you should not assume that this will be possible.

Can I take photographs ?

Yes. Most flights will allow time for you to take photos. Please note however that lose items such as cameras are likely to be disallowed on aerobatics flights.

What happens if my flight is
cancelled due to bad weather ?
You will be able to re-book for another day without incurring additional cost.
Can I rebook if I have to cancel
my flight ?

If you are unable to take your flight at the agreed time due to, for example, ill health, you will be able to re-book for another date.

Can I choose a precise day and time for my flight ?

In most cases you will have to book the time and date that you wish to fly. However there are a few exceptions, for example, some gliding clubs only operate at weekends and at certain times of year. In addition some gilding clubs will expect you to turn up on the day and trial lessons will be carried out on a first come first served basis. In other words you cannot specify the exact time of day.

How much notice do I have to give before making a firm booking for
my trial lesson.

We recommend that you call to book your flight at least two weeks beforehand.

Can I bring a friend or family members with me on the day ?
Most clubs have facilities for visitors, however, some will require visitors to pay a temporary membership fee. Please contact us prior to purchase if this is a principal requirement.

Please refer to our 'Flight Data' menu above for information on friends accompanying you as passengers on some 4 seater aircraft.
What's the best time of year to take
a flying experience ?

General aviation is of course very dependent on weather conditions; however, this pastime is very much an all year round activity. You are just as likely to enjoy a fine day with moderate winds and clear visibility during November as you are in June. It's surprising that some sunny summer days without cloud can have such poor visibility due to haze that your flight may have to be postponed.

Please note that some of our voucher experiences such as hot air balloon flights and glider trial lessons are somewhat more seasonal. Details will be provided with your voucher.

Do I need any specific qualifications to take a trial lesson or before I start
to learn how to fly ?

Qualifications are not required to take a trial lesson and should you wish to continue to learn how to fly all the required subject matter is included in your flying training. This includes the relevant written examinations that cover 'Air Law', 'Meteorology' etc.


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