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Hot Air Balloon Flight Vouchers Information

A flight in a Hot Air Balloon flights is undoubtedly the most graceful way to take to the skies. Traveling wherever the wind takes you to an unknown destination; ballooning is for the sheer pleasure of flight and in no way just another A to B method of aerial transport.

Weather conditions for ballooning are at their best during the morning and the evening, therefore, participants generally meet up at around 6 a.m. or 6p.m. when they will be given a flight briefing and the opportunity to lend a hand with the inflation process.

Those that are new to this pastime may think that it will be very cold being at anything up to 4000 feet above ground level and exposed to the open air, however, the wind chill factor is negligible as you travel with the wind and the burner provides significant heat when deployed. Despite this we recommend that you have a look at our article on what to wear for flying experiences so that you can take your Hot Air Balloon flight in comfort.

Flights last for approximately one hour and are followed throughout by a ground team to retrieve the balloon and transport passengers back to their launch site (generally 7 to 10 miles away). Your friends are also welcome to follow the balloon and join in with the ground team whilst respecting other road users.

A post landing toast to the celebrate the flight is traditionally made with a glass of Champagne or soft drink.

The balloon trip gift vouchers provided by FGV UK are for large gondola flights and may have about 14 persons including the pilot onboard. They are, therefore, extremely suitable for those special friends and family outings.

Hot Air Balloon trips are a fantastic treat for a loved one and a memorable group event. We're sure that anyone who takes part will enjoy one of the most colourful, sociable and exciting of all aviation experiences.

Please note that some restrictions apply to Hot Air Balloon voucher flights.