Vouchers for UK aerobatics flights and trial lessons are available from the following UK locations :-

  • Old Sarum -Wilts
  • Peterborough Sibson
  • Redhill - Surrey
  • Blackbushe - Surrey
  • Sherburn - Nr Leeds
  • Stapleford - Essex
  • Shoreham - West Sussex
  • Wellesbourne Mountford - Warks



Learn the Skills - Enjoy the Thrills

Vouchers for the Pitts S2A dual seat aircraft above are now available
for trial aerobatics lessons at Shoreham Airport in West Sussex.

20 Minute Flight £172 inc
30 Minute Flight £206 inc

About our Aerobatics Experience and Trial Lesson Vouchers

The year on year success of air shows throughout the world are testament to the fact that watching aircraft perform aerobatics maneuvers is an exciting event for spectators on the ground. However, the sheer exhilaration experienced whilst flying aerobatics maneuvers goes well beyond the imagination of even the most appreciative spectator.

Aerobatics is considered by many pilots to be the ultimate flying experience and a significant test of airmanship and piloting skills. In view of this our flight catalogue would not be complete without the inclusion of these voucher options.

These UK based flights represent a fantastic opportunity to experience first hand the basic aerobatic maneuvers such as loops, vertical climbs, spins and rolls. Trial lesson voucher recipients will also have the opportunity to perform some of these maneuvers for themselves.

All of the flights offered are suitable for everybody from complete beginners to qualified pilots. In addition, those that are currently studying for a Private Pilots Licence will appreciate the diversion from their usual flying exercises and obtain a valuable insight into what they can achieve in the future.

Anyone in reasonably good health can enjoy one of our aerobatics flights, however, please note the following restrictions and guidelines :-

  • Age: Minimum 16 years. (Parental consent for under 18's may be required).
  • Height: Minimum 4' 10". Maximum 6' 2".
  • Weight: Maximum 16.5 stone (105kg).
  • Health: These flights are not suitable for those who are pregnant or suffer from medical conditions such as epilepsy, fits, blood pressure abnormalities or heart problems. Participants should be reasonably fit. Please call or email for further advice if in doubt.


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